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Oprah Winfrey Learning Center

Oprah Winfrey Learning Center0

Out of all the elements that make up our eminent projects, I believe that the greatest amount of stress for mecame fromcreating alearning center. I probably spent more time on trying to get an interview, however, it wasn nearly as stressful because I tried everything I could and that alone was a reason for me not to worry too much about it.

My idea at first was to have a miniature version of Oprah talk show set and include it in my learning center as just a little visual element, next to my huge posterboard and my laptop, which would be showing a slideshow of pictures of Oprah, the guests on her show, etc. I "Anaboliset Aineet" wanted two comfy armchairs, so people would feel invited to sit down with rugs underneath each of them to give everything the kind of feeling, and I set up a blank white posterboard on an easel, where people who did, could leave their autograph before they left, as a kind of evidence that they had been on theoretically speaking.

But, I realized that the miniature version of Oprah talk show set wouldn really be necessary if I was making my whole learning center a life size version of it. So, I focused more on making my whole area seem like a talk show set by decorating the table with a vase of flowers, a sheet of red silk, and setting up a microphone stand on the side to make it seem like we were recording and the show was live. I filled the empty space where the minature version of Oprah talk show set should been with books written about her life, and a bible. I figured, if I was busy talking to other people, anyone else could just come Deca Durabolin For Sale Canada up and invite themselves to read a little about Buy Anadrol Cheap her. Includinga bible was simply a method of showing everyone a little bit about Oprah, right off the bat, and how in her hard times, God wasthe onethat pulled her through all of her struggles.

I also made a huge life size cheque signed by Oprah, with 80 million dollars written as the amount her Angel Network donated. It was a cheque dated 1998 2011, which is the time frame her Angel Network ran for, and the cheque was written toThe World,as Oprah Buy Kamagra Angel Network did not just impact one single organization or issue, but changed the lives of many all around the world.

The blank white posterboard on the side remained, and I actually signed Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion names before taking it to school on the day of the Night of the Notables. They were some of the most remembered guests on Oprah show. I think this ended up becoming one of the problems for my learning center, because as fellow talons classmates starteed signing their eminent people names once I brought it into class, parents and alumni that were Buy Cialis Switzerland signing their own names later on were confused if these three famous people were actually eminent people involved in Night of the Notables. I had to tell them no every time, and explain what I had done. If I were to do everything again, I would have made this element more clear, but people did have fun with it, and in the end, it was a nice thing for me to keep, in memory of my first Night of the Notables.

That was sort of the interactive part of my Learning Center. Lots of otherstudents did games, but I wanted to keep my learning center very sophisticated and very so as my main interactive element, I sat down in one of the armchairs, and interviewed people shortly, and let them ask me questions about Oprah in return. I was incredibly prepared for this part. I had at least eighteen cue cards in my hands, and they turned out to be incredibly helpful because in the midst of all the excitement of Night of The Notables, I blanked out a couple times on what I was supposed to say.

1 Cue card Oprah Winfrey (Basic facts about her birthplace, job position, education, etc)

Have you ever watched any of Oprah TV episodes before?

If so, what do you remember from them?

Is there anything you ever wondered about Oprah? (This would be the part where I answered their questions about her)

How do you find Oprah to be motivational and inspiring?

Is there someone in your life or in the media that has inspired you or helped you in a way, just as Oprah has done with the world?

What do you think makes a great talk show host?

Oprah talk show has run for 25 years. What, in your opinion made the show or Oprah so successful that it was able to run for so long?

If you were to write a letter to Oprah, what kinds of things would you want to say? (about your life, her, etc)

What do you think makes Oprah different or more well known to the world than other talk show hosts?

What kinds of things do you think you could learn from her?

What kinds of things can you see Oprah doing now?

How do you think Oprah changed or impacted the world view of Black people?

Do you believe there could ever be anyone that could take Oprah place?

More of these were opinionated questions, because I knew that a lot of people didn really know anything about her, except for the fact that she gave out a lot of free things on her show also had most of the information on my cue cards memorized, but it was all in all super helpful, and I glad I had them with me.

My interactive activity made up for the lack of interview in a way, because I was able to interview a couple people on their opinion about her in a last Boldenone Libido resort. I interviewed mostly alumni, and I wish some more parents would have sit down and talked to me.

My posterboard was kept pretty simple. I wrote all the titles in white chalk, and the middle section of it had compellingpictures of her. On the right hand side of the tri fold posterboard, I displayed some of Oprah achievements and awards, such as the 2002 Bob Hope Humanitarian award and the 1998 Favourite Female Television Performerr award in the form of trophies. I felt they were very eye catching and lots of people paid Billig Generisk Cialis attention to it. On the left hand side, I had 10 ways to living a happy life, which were one of the lessons a viewer learned from one of Oprah LifeClass episodes. I included this on the posterboard because I thought it really reflected on who Oprah was, a person that made people days better and made them feel like everything was going to be okay. Even for some guests who showed upat Night of the Notables, going through a rough patch their lives, they could have looked at those 10 rules, (which in my opinion were actually very helpful and inspiring), and left, feeling better. That really what Oprah is all about. She makes everyone who watches her show with something on their mind turn the TV off feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

Not everything went perfectly. My your "Anabolika Definition" Autograph board kind of got confusing, and not too many people noticed my huge cheque, but it was a great first eminent experience and I still can forget how amazing it felt that night. I so happy with everything, and I hope I did a good job of teaching people even a little about Oprah. Can wait til next year!


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